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product name: Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Hand Therapy Set A (12piece) item no.: 109168217018 brand: Crabtree & Evelyn
function: HydratingNourishing category: hand treatments & creams product size: 12 piece
country of origin: UK



Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Hand Therapy Set A (25g X 12pcs)
Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand creams have always been popular because different delighting fragrance and the award-winning formula is able to thoroughly nourish dry hands.

The Set contains:

Gardeners Hand Ultra-Moisturizing Therapy (25g)
Formulated with natural plant ingredients that are planted in labor-intensive gardens in Britain. It leaves your hands feeling soft after each luxurious use.

Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Hand Therapy (25g)
Add a variety of resurrection moisturizing factor, the unique exquisite Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn flavor makes people feel moving.

La Source Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
The relaxing sea fragrance is developed by Green Seaweed Extract and Red Sea Algae, will protect and moisturise hands, thoroughly nourish dry skin.

Pomegranate & Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Therapy(25g)
A couple of moisture elements provide instant hydration. Pomegranate and argan oil supply long term skincare.

Lavender & Espresso Calming Hand Therapy (25g)
Add rich lavender, sandalwood, patchouli and coffee oil, hand skin becomes more comfortable and tender.

Citron & Coriander Energising Hand Therapy (25g)
With a variety of herbs, myrrh and tea tree to repair skin, adding Shea butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and hyaluronic acid factor, strengthen and soften hands. The aroma of lemon and coriander is sweet and sour, very refreshing.

Summer Hill Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
Contains mown grass, white floral and orchard fruits to give you a dash of summer sweetness, together with white floral blend of summer grasses, wildflowers and orchard fruits.

Pear & Pink Magnolia Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
Add the sense of sweet scent which totally awake your sensory experience, make your hands even silkier and supple.

Avocado, Olive & Basil Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
Formulated with extracts of avocado, olive and basil which are from the Mediterranean, it offers an intensive moisturization and nourishment to dry hands.

Evelyn Rose Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
Evelyn Rose is one of the best rose perfumes in the world, together with jasmine, violet and amber extracts, the hand cream leaves long-lasting floral scent.

Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
Delicate spider lily is blended with notes of wild flowers, tropical citrus fruits and a marine accord, conjuring the feeling of relaxing on a tranquil Caribbean island.

Verbena & Lavender Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy (25g)
The freshness of verbena blends with the scent of lavender, reminiscent of the bright summer of Provence.

how to use

After cleansing or any time throughout the day. Apply a small amount to each hand and massage gently from the tips of the fingers to the wrist until fully absorbed. Re-apply as needed throughout the day.


Common Ingredient  Vitamin E: Nourishing, anti-aging  Shea Butter: hydrating, heal cracked hands  Macadamia Nut Oil: Moisturize and soften hands  Hyaluronic Acid: Nourishing

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suitable for

all skin type / dry and delicate skin

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